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The gateway to art, design, architecture and media information on the Internet This extensive web site provides a comprehensive introduction to useful information sources for researching architectural history... [ADAM has now merged into Intute: Arts and Humanities
BAJR Web Award For someone, in their own time, to create such an extensive and useful index of material is an amazing achievement.

It is the depth of information available... For sheer bursting at the seams joy, it has to be Building History.
BBC History

This site is a labour of love by just one woman. It has an excellent guide to starting to research a historic building, guides to the sources available, and all sorts of use useful links. Highly recommended.

Doras This is a stylish and functional website containing a huge amount of information about old buildings and how to research information about them...The content is outstanding, and a huge amount of research has gone into creating it.
Dutchess: Dutch Electronic Subject Service This web site provides a comprehensive introduction to information sources for researching architectural history in the United Kingdom.... A site map gives a practical overview with links to the content of this extensive and very useful site.
Humbul Humanities Hub The site explains the methods and potential pitfalls of building history research, and suggests useful starting points for researchers...This is a very well-presented introduction to the subject of building history research, which will prove useful to anyone new to the discipline. [HUMBUL has now merged into Intute: Arts and Humanities]
Awarded a Commendation by Sapling: Architecture, Planning & Landscape Information Gateway

In this impressive site, Jean Manco explains how to track down the history of buildings in the UK and Ireland.... Packed with illustrations and links throughout, and with a neat and attractive interface, Researching Historic Buildings in the British Isles really is an outstanding resource.