Drawings by Schellinks, Esselens and Doomer

The Old Bridge at Exeter by Willem Schellincks Newport, Isle of Wight by Lambert Doomer

The Blaeu-Vann der Hem Atlas in the National Library, Vienna contains a number of drawings, reproduced in P. H. Hulton, Drawings of England in the Seventeenth Century by Willem Schellinks, Jacob Esselens and Lambert Doomer, Walpole Society vol. 35. List of plates: S = Schellinks; E = Esselens; D = Doomer. All are from the Atlas, except where otherwise indicated in brackets.

  1. Shipping off Deal (S)
  2. Dover Harbour (S)
  3. Dover from the W (S) (BM)
  4. Dover from the W (S)
  5. Chalk cliffs, Dover (S)
  6. Ruined building, Dover (S)
  7. Dover from the N (S)
  8. Margate (S)
  9. Gravesend (S)
  10. Greenwich (E)
  11. Kingston (E)
  12. Rochester from the NE (E)
  13. Dutch raid on the Medway: Rochester (S)
  14. Chatham from the W (E)
  15. Distant view of Chatham from the W (E)
  16. Rochester from the E (S)
  17. Rochester from the N (S)
  18. Rochester and Chatham from the NW (E)
  19. Rochester Castle (S)
  20. Dutch raid on the Medway: Sheerness (S)
  21. Rochester from the W (S)
  22. Village of Bridge and Bridge Place (S)
  23. St Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury (S)
  24. Canterbury from the SE (S)
  25. Distant view of Bath (S)
  26. Bath: the King's Bath (S)
  27. Epsom Wells (S)
  28. Cambridge (S)
  29. Hampton Court (S)
  30. Windsor (S)
  31. Countryside near London (E)
  32. Distant view of London (E)
  33. The Thames looking towards Old St Paul's (E)
  34. The Thames looking towards Westminster (E)
  35. Westminster and Lambeth from the New Exchange (E)
  36. Westminster and Lambeth from the New Exchange (E) (Albertina Gallery, Vienna)
  37. Winchester (S)
  38. Salisbury (S)
  39. Old Harbour, Rye (E)
  40. Rye (E)
  41. Rye (S)
  42. Dartmouth from the S (S)
  43. Dartmouth from the N (S)
  44. Exeter from the W (S)
  45. Old Exe Bridge, Exeter (S) (see image above)
  46. Isle of Wight from Southampton Water (S)
  47. The Needles (D)
  48. Newport, Isle of Wight (D)(see image above)
  49. Cowes Harbour (D)
  50. Falmouth Harbour (S)
  51. Entrance to Falmouth Harbour (S)
  52. Fowey from the N (S)
  53. Fowey from the S (S)
  54. St Michael's Mount from the E (S)
  55. St Michael's Mount from the N (S)
  56. Bristol (S)